Azure Cosmos DB explorer | ’17-’18


Azure Cosmos DB explorer – unified interface to support multi-API model of Cosmos DB to view and manage the data stored in Cosmos DB. (All rights are reserved by Microsoft.)


What is Azure Cosmos DB?
A NoSQL database provides a mechanism for storage & retrieval of data which is modeled in means other than the relations used in the relational database. Modern apps produce & consume data unprecedented rates, require instant response times to match user expectations, experience unpredictable growth. The Azure Cosmos DB (formally known as Document DB) is a fully managed Microsoft NoSQL database service for modern app development.

Challenges for app developers and DB admins
– Distributed experiences explorers to access & manage resources, executing queries, and scripts.
– Isolated Scale & Settings to change the indexing policy and manage the throughput limit.
– No experience for debugging the query.
– Users can only perform one action at a time.
– No scalable solution for multiple Cosmos DB APIs.

Designing Cosmos DB explorer
– Creating a unified canvas to browse, create, modify, manage, and access all resources.
– Supporting user workflow to do multi-tasking at the same time.
– Helping users to debug queries and other errors.

The familiar framework which can scale the same tooling experiences for different APIs

Document (SQL) API provides a formal programming model for rich queries over JSON documents.

Table API for applications that are written for Azure Table storage.

Graph (Gremlin) API data explorer provides intuitive graph visualization that’s composed of vertices and edges. (Patent pending)

Graph interaction

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