CRM strategy movies | ’12

CRM strategy movies


The project was to show next-gen CRM concepts to partners and stakeholder to realize the potential of social media integration with Microsoft CRM Dynamics. This concept was done for a representation purpose and doesn’t show any present views or future plans of Microsoft CRM Dynamics. 


Often times leadership team comes with the request to show the concept in a quick and dirty manner, and of-course in no-time. While working as a UX designer for Microsoft CRM team, we were asked by LT to represent next-gen CRM concepts in a quick and effective manner to drive the idea to partner and other stakeholders. But, unlike always no screens from the actual product should be used, to avoid any confusion with regards to timeline, integration or technology. With limited time in hand, we chose to use Microsoft PowerPoint to create the entire concept and make it a fun animated movie. In less than two weeks we defined the concept, storyboard, approvals from LT, characterization, and created an animation in PPT. 🙂