Ergonomics in vehicle design | ’05

3rd Prize in K C Mahindra Excellence Awards in Automotive Design 2005

This car is revived with a good posture that improves comfort, space and ease of entry and exit for both driver and passengers. Its body and posture proportions suggest good handling and stability. The car is designed taking into consideration the following aspects:
  • The comfort of the passengers, old people, physically challenged people by providing car height adjustment system, torso support, lumbar support and 180° rotational movement of front seats.
  • Creating proper seating arrangement for the passengers also provision to accommodate more people when required.
  • Arrangement for luggage loading – unloading from the car (Ultra-capacious cargo bay)
  • Designing tail light to indicate the car speed which allows others to judge the speed of the car
  • Ultra-adaptable interiors having roof louvers

Although very much like a road car it visually communicating simple and very powerful posture. The car is not just only a vehicle which provides transportation, but it also provides good moments on the road.

KC mahindra 1

KC mahindra 2

KC mahindra 3

KC mahindra 4

KC mahindra 5

KC mahindra 6


The project was done as part of student competition conducted by Mahindra & Mahindra and does not show any plans or views of company. All rights are reserved by student participants (Monil Dalal, Lov Meena, Anand Krishnan), designs institute NID and Mahindra & Mahindra.