Mechanics work table | ’06


The project was done as part of internship at TI Cycles of India (Brands: BSA & Hercules bicycles).
All rights are reserved by TI Cycles of India.

Seating on the floor and assembling a bicycle by mechanics has never given a chance to perceive a bicycle as a lifestyle product to the consumer while comparing with the other products and services provided to perceive value for it. (i.e. other motor powered two-wheelers or four-wheelers). Also the un-ergonomical working conditions of the mechanics in workplaces where they have to seat on the floor and assemble bicycles.

 Consequences –
– Affecting social status – perceiving bicycle assembly as a low value work.
– Un-ergonomical condition lead to increase time for bicycle assembly.
– Reducing total number of bicycle assembly per day.
– Dents on the finished bicycles.
– Increasing stress to find out scattered tools and fasteners.
– Space availability in bicycle shops and workplaces.
– Way of handling and assembling – perceived bicycle as a low-value product by a consumer.


With this in the backdrop, the project brief arrived at – “To design an ergonomical mobile counter inclusive of storage space to upgrade working of the mechanics and give them social status with increasing their work efficiency.”

-Standardize bicycle assembly process reducing training time. 
-Improved bicycle assembly time and efficiency of mechanics.
-Reduce product damage during assembly.


03 BSA Fit