Mi Customer Portal | ’11

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Designing customer portal for efficient project management and communication with various clients for July Systems (now Cisco).

Creating a transparent platform for all internal and external stakeholders
The organization had the same agile energy as the rest of the start-ups, with multiple teams collaborating towards one after another great release for world’s renowned entertainment and sports entities i.e. NDTV, IPL, CNN, NBA, PGA, etc. But, it had another start-up issue, constant change of guard for different departments, and that lead to a very inorganic approach to communicate with clients. The team of two (program manager and I) were tasked to design not only a customer portal but perhaps changing the way the organization was working until now. After analyzing the work pattern for different users and departments and also a process to deliver apps and iterations to the client, we came up simple x-plat customer portal to create a simplified workflow between July Systems and it’s customers.
– Single interface for customers and July Systems teams.
– Developing portlets that can be embedded into a tool to create a connection with service and ad analytics data, bug tracking system, messaging system, service tickets etc.
– Availability of documents, tutorials, change of requirements, etc.
– Permission model and access control for various types of users.