Re-branding Azure Document DB | 18′


A journey from Azure Document DB to becoming Azure Cosmos DB – the fastest growing database. (All rights are reserved by Microsoft.)

Azure Document DB to Azure Cosmos DB
Azure Document DB was the first-gen NoSQL database in Microsoft suite of database which mainly supported JSON documents. So, the service name was also obvious. With the growing demand for supporting various NoSQL APIs apart from JSON documents, such as Mongo, Casandra, Table, and Gremlin (graph), Document DB name and logo were not showing the true capabilities of service offerings. Also, Document DB evolved as one of the fastest databases in its category, with a multi-fold increase in the features and capabilities. All of these were required much-needed re-branding efforts to provide a comprehensive story to the customers and users.
With great collaboration with the service leadership team, marketing, and design team the name was finalized as Azure Cosmos DB to demonstrate its new-age capabilities, such as instant and limitless elasticity, multi-API support, and multi-master global distribution.
I lead the efforts with a team of talented visual designers to bring the new service icon in less then a month and also, help facilitate all asset updates across various user-facing surfaces.

Messaging with new name Cosmos DB
– This is an amazing, globally distributed hyper-responsive database.
– This database is multi-model. Your data in tables? Your data in graphs? Your data in documents? No problem.
– This service is available at every price/performance point.
– Users can only perform one action at a time.
– This is day one! It’s just gonna get better from here.

Messaging in a more visually translatable language
– Global, Speed, Availability, Tuneability
– Flexibility: Table, Documents, Graphs
– Simplicity, Scalability, Elasticity, Configurability.
– Growth, Futuristic

Icon design exercise

Final service icon