User Experience

Data Migration Assistant (DMA), Data Group (C+E), Microsoft 

Reduce customer effort to upgrade or migrate data from Microsoft and Non-Microsoft platforms to modern Microsoft Data group platforms. Read more…

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Office on Android, Microsoft Office
Designing productivity suite of Microsoft Office on Android tablets keeping familiarity and familiality with Office on Desktop. Responsible for designing Common Controls for Word / Excel / PowerPoint . Backstage (File i/o) . PowerPoint App

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Unified Service Desk (Agent Desktop), Microsoft CRM Dynamics
Unified Service DeskDesigning an application framework which allows to host multiple applications, collaborative tools, guided process and multiple channels to help agents to provide relevant information at right time to customers. Read more…

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CRM Release 2013 – Polaris & Orion, Microsoft Dynamics CRM

CRM 2013 OrionRe-imagining fast, fluid and ubiquitous user experience Microsoft Dynamcis CRM  with focus on improving agent productivity, performance & overall efficiency. Read more…

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CRM strategy movies, Microsoft Dynamics CRM

CRM strategy moviesNext-gen CRM concepts to partners and stakeholder to realize the potential of social media integration with Microsoft CRM Dynamics. Read more…

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MiConsole (Customer Portal), July Systems


Designing  customer portal for efficient project management and communication with various clients.

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Inside July Systems (Infographics), July Systems

July system info graphicsRepresent the functional aspect of the organization to larger audience in form of info-graphics.

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Indian Premier League (IPL) Webapp POC, July Systems

IPL WebappDesigning iPhone app to provide near TV watching experience on the go to avid IPL fans. Read more…

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Glide-play, Video on Demand, Infosys

GlidePlayDesigning Video On Demand experience for TV users and framework for accessing all media content seamlessly either online or through physical device.